Welcome to The Underground Fitness Club

Commit to fit.


Ever walked into one of those massive gyms – you know the kind we’re talking about, where it’s intimidating to even touch the equipment, and nobody is willing to lend a hand?


At The Underground Fitness Club, we’re about personal experiences:

We’re not just the place you come, to make yourself sweat. All of our consultants and therapists are expert in health and fitness, and our goal is to arm you with the knowledge and support you need to lead a fitter, happier and healthier life.


And here’s our special offer to you: Your initial personal training consultation, free!
This initial consultation consists of a simple fitness test (cardiovascular and strength), after which you’ll sit downwith our trainers to devise a six week plan and to discuss your long-term goals as well.




Services We Offer

Conveniently located in North Melbourne, just minutes from the CBD, The Underground Fitness Club has everything you need to start or re-start your health and fitness journey.


Personal training

Group training

Boxing classes (pads and bag work)

Fat loss training

Strength and conditioning

Massage and remedial therapy

Cardio and endurance training

Sports specific training

High performance fitness training

Strength, flexibility and resistance training

Swiss ball training

Core and lower back conditioning

Tailored fitness programs