Jade is TUF Club’s manager and owner, but she hasn’t spent all of her life behind a desk; instead her constantly active life has led her to a career in fitness.

No-one who meets Jade would disagree that she has a particular flair to TUF Club – she’s been a dancer since the age of 4, and has performed on some big stages over the years.

It’s through her dance background that she developed and grew her love for fitness; not only has she been a keen tennis player for most of her life, she’s also been boxing since the age of 5, a passion she inherited from her father.

As a result, you can see that boxing plays a large part of the classes at TUF Club; Jade and her team know that boxing is one of the best forms of exercise for all over conditioning, not to mention the self defence benefits.

However, Jade’s holistic approach to fitness means that she, and therefore TUF Club as well, aren’t solely focused on boxing. Each of the many sports that Jade plays brings new approaches, techniques and philosophies to her fitness journey; this is this then passed on throughout the TUF Club team.

Furthermore, as the manager and owner of TUF Club, Jade ensures that everyone’s experience at TUF Club is as positive as can be – that starts from the team she’s put together, but also making sure that TUF Club is a safe, respectable and safe environment for all.