A life-long athlete, Dublin-born Phil naturally gravitated to sports like soccer, skiing and track and field, before focusing on his current passion ñ weightlifting.

As a result, Phil is TUF Clubís resident expert when it comes to weight training, especially as he had to work hard to build his smaller frame into the shape he wanted. Phil is testament that with hard-work, dedication and commitment, you can get the look you desire; and Phil can show you how.

Phil has an Honors degree in Sports Science and Nutrition, so he has a holistic approach to fitness ñ he knows that diet is just as important as the weights you lift, and that technique is crucial in preventing injury.

Additionally, Phil knows that communication is one of the biggest tools you have in your fitness journey. Therefore Phil places the utmost importance on the trainer-client relationship, and the constant flow of information ensures that youíre getting the best possible results, not just from each workout, but with every single part of your fitness plan.