Commit to fit.

Ever walked into one of those massive gyms – you know the kind we’re talking about, where it’s intimidating to even touch the equipment, and nobody is willing to lend a hand?

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You can’t put a price on investing in your long-term health but at The Underground Fitness Club, you won’t break the bank when you say yes to a healthier lifestyle.

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Our Team

Our certified fitness trainers and consultants will help you to embark on the right program for you, moving beyond any stubborn plateaus. They’ll help you to break out of fitness ruts and will seek to re-energise your workout at every opportunity.

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Class Timetable

Tough times don't last T.U.F. people do! Check out our Timetable.

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Our Products

Check out our range of products to help you reach your goals.

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Online Class Booking

Wan't to get started? Book online today!

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Services We Offer



Fat Loss Training

Strength and

Swiss Ball

Core and Lower Back Conditioning

Strength, Flexibility and Resistance Training

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fitness expert

client testimonials

“Awesome experience, very nervous but everyone from the staff, trainers and even other members were unreal! Recommend this gym highly to anyone of any fitness level. Thanks TUF Club.”

Simon Stewart

“I have been training at your club with Harry for the last 2 months. My fitness levels are improving and I have been enjoying it so far. I enjoy training with Harry as he is great at motivating me and pushing me through some hard workouts. I would definitely recommend Harry and think he’s an awesome PT – he is an asset to your business.”

Robert Prespanoski

“I’ve been taking one-on-one boxing sessions with Tommy for the past couple of months. The sessions are a lot of fun but really hard work. I’ve trained a lot for team sports and individually over the years, and I can honestly say my sessions with Tommy are as challenging as anything I’ve done in the past. “Tommy is passionate about boxing and fitness in general. He has a knack for knowing exactly how hard he can push to get the most out of me, and I leave each session utterly spent. My fitness levels have definitely improved due to my sessions with Tommy and I’d recommend him to anyone interested in doing some serious boxing training. (He’s a great guy as well).”

Bruce Clarke

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