Osteopathy is  the perfect complement to any fitness program or for any individual seeking a comprehensive solution for pain-free living. Through a system of bone, joint and muscle manipulation, osteopathy focuses on how the body functions as a whole, in order to achieve optimal health, combat injury and alleviate pain.

Dr. Mark Wilms

Mark has over twenty five years experience in the health and fitness industry and during this time has helped people of all ages, shapes and sizes achieve pain-free health. From treating mum’s and dad’s to AFL, World and Olympic Champions, Mark continues to expand his osteopathic and exercise rehabilitation skills with ongoing study and research. Mark specialises in low back and shoulder pain and uses innovative and cutting edge rehabilitation exercises and techniques including Radial Shockwave Therapy to help his clients achieve optimum health.


BSc (ClinicalScience)

MHSc (Osteopathy)

MClExPhys (Rehabilitation)

Member OA

Member SMA