Terms & Conditions


Access policy

  • A fob swipe will be provided to gain you access to The Underground Fitness Club. (TUFC)
  • Access to TUFC services is during advertised times only
  • All TUFC members must complete a fitness assessment and enrolment form before using any fitness service.
  • Before participating in a fitness service, all members must scan into the studio and/or class participation.
  • Only one entry pass per person per class can be given at one time.
  • Towels must be taken into the gym and used on equipment during training.
  • A minimum of a singlet top or crop top and shorts must be worn at all times.
  • Covered footwear is to be worn at all times. Sandals, thongs and work boots will not be tolerated.
  • Patrons are reminded to maintain personal hygiene (i.e., clean clothing and deodorant) at all times whilst in the studio.
  • Payment of the agreed fee entitles the member to admittance to the TUFC facilities and classes.
  • Pets or other animals are not permitted in the studio, with the exception of guide dogs.
  • Employees of the TUFC are the only instructors permitted to conduct fitness sessions.
  • The studio instructor on duty reserves the right to terminate any workout that they deem may lead to an accident or injury of the participant or other patrons.
  • Management reserves the right to refuse entry.
  • The TUFC is a non-smoking facility.


  • Patrons must respect their fellow members at all times.
  • Patrons must observe directions/instructions given by TUFC staff.
  • Derogatory comments or abusive language will not be tolerated.
  • Inappropriate or disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • No chewing Gum
  • No use of equipment under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • No alcohol to be consumed in studio
  • Offensive behaviour and swearing will not be tolerated
  • No entry to non-members


  • Be mindful of peak times in the gym (i.e. 4-7pm) and limit your time on cardio equipment to 15 minutes.
  • Return weights to their correct position after use.
  • Do not drop weights or leave weights lying on the floor.
  • Wear inners and/or gloves when using the boxing equipment.
  • Boxing inners must be worn if studio gloves are used in boxing sessions.
  • Boxing gloves must be worn during boxing sessions.

Please note
Failure to comply with the above conditions of membership could result in TUFC Management asking a patron to leave the premises, with membership suspension, membership cancellation, and/or permanently banned from TUFC.


Children under the age of sixteen
Children under the age of 16 are not permitted to enter the gym.


  1. Terms and conditions are in accordance with the Direct Debit (D.D). Request Service Agreement
  2. All memberships require a payment of a $10 for Access Fob and continuing payments are made in advance for the coming month from an approved credit card or bank account. Fees are deducted as the membership month falls due. If that day falls on a public holiday, the deductions will be made on the first business day thereafter. Monthly fees are non-refundable
  3. Debit memberships are ongoing monthly payment memberships.
  4. All changes to memberships must be made in writing. (Membership amendment forms are available on request). TUFC must contact you in writing to inform you of any changes to prices and terms and conditions, TUFC must be informed of any changes of your details.
  5. When direct debits are rejected by the bank, the sum of the declined transaction will be charged again within 7 days payment and an administration fee of $15 will be added. Any rejection in the processing of your fee will incur an additional fee of $15 per rejection
  6. You may suspend your membership for a minimum of one month up to a maximum of six months. A suspension fee of $7.50 will be debited from your account in lieu of the standard monthly payment. You must give notification in writing to . Suspensions will not be made retrospectively
  7. You may cancel your membership at any time by giving one months notice in writing to We will then cancel your direct debit authority. The membership door fob must be returned upon cancellation
  8. You will be given one months notice in writing of any price alterations. You will also be informed in writing of any changes to the terms and conditions outlined in this application. The new conditions will become effective immediately after the date outlined in the correspondence
  9. There will be a $10.00 fee charged for the replacement of lost membership fobs.
  10. Prices quoted are inclusive of GST