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Support and advice are critical factors in any long-term fitness program.

Regular training sessions with our trainers will see you attain your individual goals while staying motivated and getting the results you are after. The guidance provided at The Underground Fitness Club is informed without being intimidating.

Our certified fitness trainers and consultants will help you embark on the right program for you, moving beyond any stubborn plateaus. They’ll help you to break out of fitness ruts and will seek to re-energise your workout at every opportunity. Along the way, they’ll challenge you, change your outlook and build your confidence with results that extend far beyond the mirror.

Train with the best and get results!

Train with the best and get results!


About Jade: The owner of T.U.F Club started as a part-time receptionist/admin in the gym. She became very passionate about helping people on their fitness journey, so she got into personal training. Her favourite workout is boxing. Jade enjoys teaching boxing classes and providing the slow burn.

Specialisation: Running the business

Gym Quote: Just do it. Nike.’ 

Favourite Workout: Boxing, but she enjoys teaching any type of exercise. 

Proudest Achievement: Jade’s proudest achievement is owning a business at a young age in such a trying time. 

Go to post-workout snack: Vanilla protein shake with a shot of coffee

Advice to clients: She is known among the gym to saying ‘Just Breathe.’

Favourite activity outside the gym: Spending as much time as possible with family and friends


About Chris: Playing soccer from a child at a decent level is how Chris got into personal training and the fitness industry. Chris has been boxing since a young age, which is where his training style comes from. He loves getting the most from his clients and pushing them as hard as they can with no mercy at all.

Specialisation: All-rounder in the gym

Gym Quote: ‘It’s still your mother f***ing set!’

Favourite Workout: High-intensity circuit workout 

Proudest Achievement: Chris’s proudest achievement is completing triathlons and receiving accreditation & certificates in a counselling diploma. 

Go to post-workout snack: Protein Pancakes 

Advice to clients: Consistency is key

Favourite activity outside the gym: Watching any type of sport


About Prince: His love for training comes from spending his childhood learning and competing in various fighting forms. Prince has competed in boxing, Thai kickboxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and mixed martial arts. However, he fell more in love with training and pushing himself and others beyond their limits!

Specialisation: High-intensity interval training (HIIT) & strength and conditioning. 

Gym Quote: ‘If you can’t do no more, do two more.’

Favourite Workout:  Muay Thai Pad Workouts 

Proudest Achievement: Prince’s proudest achievement is making it through the office selection board for the Australian army importing against the elite athlete selection process. 

Go to post-workout snack: Chicken and Rice

Advice to clients: Progression, not perfection 

Favourite activity outside the gym: Walking with my partner and two dogs


About Georgia:  She has been a certified Personal Trainer since 2017. Georgia has spent a lot of time in various gyms since a young age and has met many great PT’s who have taught her a lot. They all encouraged her to give a career in PT a shot, so naturally, she did. Georgia has no regrets, she loves what she does and the work involved.

Specialisation: Functional Training, Kettlebells and getting plant-based gains.

Gym Quote: ‘Gotta Hustle for that muscle.’

Favourite Workout: Back and biceps, any excuse to do deadlifts!

Proudest Achievement: Georgia’s proudest achievement is moving to Australia, chasing her dreams and maybe her 8-minute plank hold. 

Go to post-workout snack: Smoothie with blueberries, banana, pineapple and a whole lot of peanut butter.

Advice to clients: consistency & good nutrition is key!

Favourite activity outside the gym:  running, hitting the beach and chilling in the sun with a beer.


About Abi: Abi has been very active her whole life and loved playing team sports such as soccer, touch football, netball and tennis, which has instilled her love for exercise and the gym. When Abi was young, she moved to Sydney, close to the beach, which ingrained her passion for swimming and the sea. She is currently studying Bachelor of Science, majoring in Human Physiology with the goal to do her Masters in Physiotherapy. Abi’s favourite training is quick HIIT workouts. This style of training never fails to make her sweat and walk out of the gym feeling satisfied. These workouts are ideal for people with limited time to spend at the gym, which perfectly fits Abi’s busy university timetable.

Specialisation: stretching and post-workout recovery movements

Gym Quote:‘Healthy Body, Healthy mind’ 

Favourite Workout: HIIT

Proudest Achievement: Abi’s proudest achievement is hiking to Annapurna base camp in Nepal. 

Go to post-workout snack: Greek yoghurt with muesli and honey

Advice to clients: The first step is just showing up, even when you are super tired and don’t want to do a big workout. Getting to the gym and moving your body in some way is always better than showing up at all. 

Favourite activity outside the gym: Playing soccer and touch rugby!


About Rachael: Health and fitness have been important to Rachael since she was quite young. Starting as a dancer and playing tennis, she then moved into bodybuilding. She has a passion for body sculpting and witnessing bodies change based on hard work and dedication.

Specialisation: Bodybuilding & Building muscle and shaping. 

Gym Quote: Just show up!’

Favourite Workout: Squats & Tricep extensions. 

Proudest Achievement: Rachael’s proudest achievements are making it to a high-level tennis tournament and becoming vegan. 

Go to post-workout snack: Tacos (hard shell of course)

Advice to clients: Consistency is key!

Favourite activity outside the gym: Enjoying food at local cafes and restaurants.


About Sam: He has been a personal trainer for over two years from his love of sports and helping people reach their fitness and personal goals. Sam is an Australian born Chinese, and his training style is more HIIT and Tabata, which works well with Boxing.

Specialisation: Boxing

Gym Quote: ’Every day is a chance to change your life.’

Favourite Workout: Boxing

Proudest Achievement: Sam’s proudest achievement is being the undefeated amateur boxing champion

Go to post-workout snack: Coconut water and Bananas

Advice to clients: Give it a go. 

Favourite activity outside the gym: Collecting vintage WOTC Pokémon Cards


Michael: Michael has been a personal trainer for 12 years, and has been a competitive Crossfitter and Crossfit coach for five years now. Michale is an amateur kickboxer, and fitness & training has been a lifelong passion of his.

Specialisation: Boxing, Crossfit and functional strength training

Gym Quote: ‘Hard work pays off.’

Favourite Workout: Back Squats, Olympic fitting and Crossfit workouts. 

Proudest Achievement: Michael’s proudest achievement is that he is a published author and Crossfit competition winner. 

Go to post-workout snack: Doughnuts on a cheat day! 

Advice to clients: Motivation cannot be relied on; everything is about discipline and committing to a path and sticking to it. 

Favourite activity outside the gym: Drinking coffee at his favourite cafes.

In loving memory of MJ!

As you would have seen, MJ was all about combat sports. Studying Martial Arts from the age of 19, MJ also had over half a decade of Muay Thai experience and more than three years of MMA experience, 13 years of boxing and focused mainly on Jiu-Jitsu the last two years. 

However, MJ also had plenty of experience in other sports, including tennis and swimming – competing at the state level for the latter. As a result, like many of TUF Club’s trainers, MJ had a holistic approach to fitness and training – knowing that over-specialization in one form of exercise usually delivers poorer results than a balanced approach.

MJ will be dearly missed by the TUF club community.