“Awesome experience, very nervous but everyone from the staff, trainers and even other members were unreal! Recommend this gym highly to anyone of any fitness level. Thanks TUF Club.”

Simon Stewart

“I have been training at your club with Harry for the last 2 months. My fitness levels are improving and I have been enjoying it so far. I enjoy training with Harry as he is great at motivating me and pushing me through some hard workouts. I would definitely recommend Harry and think he’s an awesome PT – he is an asset to your business.”

Robert Prespanoski

“Jade has been my trainer following the birth of my first child. “The results I have achieved to date are largely due to Jades perfect combination of diverse training methods and challenging yet achievable goal setting. “She is the perfect combination of tough and warm, and she works with the whole person; mentally, emotionally and physically. My energy levels have largely increased since I started training with Jade & I have never felt healthier! She encourages me each and every session and makes me believe that I can do it!”

Charlotte Greatorex

“I have been training with Jade from TUF Club for the past 9 months. I know that I would never have achieved the fitness and wellness I have if it wasn’t for the personal attention I received in my training sessions. Jade is always very encouraging and has a huge knowledge of her profession. Jade knows how to motivate me – she makes each of my training sessions challenging but also rewarding. “I would recommend TUF Club in a heartbeat, having also met and trained with a couple of the other trainers. I aim to continue to train and maintain a good level of fitness with their help for a long time to come.”

Anna Louise Barbaro

“I first started training at Underground gym in June 2014 and then had a break due to university finishing, then I re-signed back in July 2015. Underground gym is a lovely, low-key and welcoming gym. It offers a good range of classes that run all throughout the day, ranging from boxing classes to Pilates. To top it off, the central position of the gym in Melbourne is amazing and very assessable. “I really enjoy going to the Underground gym because the staff are genuinely concerned about their clients’ wellbeing and not just the money that they might receive at the end. The Underground gym have consistently encouraged, pushed, motivated and challenged me to the best of my ability to gain the results I wanted. “The more results I saw each week, the more driven and motivated I became. With such a beast of a trainer pushing and helping me week in, week out, that was the key to achieving the results I have gained today. “I would encourage anyone that is looking to improve their health, strength and fitness to come to the Underground gym and start that lifestyle change, because you won’t regret it.”

Harry Trevise

“I came to The Underground Fitness Club at the start of February and am still here. My personal trainer is Chris and when I started out with him, I’d only manage to complete 2 laps around the block. Afterwards, I’d be out of breath and experience a lot of joint and back pain. “To say things have changed is an understatement: we have just started doing exercise in the morning for 5 days a week and now, I’m able to do 8 laps around the block in 28 minutes. With Chris, I’m now able to combine walking, weights and boxing during training sessions. The sessions themselves have increased from just 10 minutes to 45 minutes. “I am now feeling much better physically – I’m sleeping better and have recently had a round of blood tests done. My results were so much better that my doctor is planning to lower my medications in my next visit. “I just want to extend a big thanks to Chris – he’s been such a great support and I wouldn’t be doing this without his help and encouragement. He’s giving his 100%.”

Joe Patamia

“Harry’s an extraordinary trainer. For such a young guy he clearly lives and breathes sport and he definitely brings that to his workouts. He really knows how to push you hard and keep your heart rate up the entire session. I never know what I’m going to do next and I’m doing things that I didn’t think I could do. I’ve really felt my endurance and my coordination improving.” “I’ve rearranged my entire fitness schedule to make sure that I can go to Tommy’s classes. Tommy’s full of energy and provides a really supportive and encouraging environment in his classes. You walk into a half hour class, lose track of time, end up staying for 2 classes and come out an hour later feeling great. He’s really motivating and makes you want to keep coming back for more. He makes that personal connection and really makes you feel like you can do it.”

Kishani Nadesar

“I joined TUF Club with the goal of losing weight and Jade kindly took me as one of her clients. The training sessions with Jade were definitely not easy and quite challenging in fact, however, she always encourages me by my side and ensured that I am trying my very best to help me achieve my goal. She also incorporated different elements into the workout sessions, for example, boxing, and made the training more fun and enjoyable to me. I was exhausted after each training session, but I felt good and revived too! “What I appreciated most about training with Jade was that she not only focused on helping me to lose weight but also on increasing my muscle strength. Most importantly, she supported me through each and every session with her positive attitude and enthusiasm!”

Sharina Chan

“I started doing personal training when I was spending long hours at work. Chris was really flexible with my times week to week so I found it easy to commit to. “As time went on, I started to see great results and had heaps of fun at the same time. Almost a year later, I’ve lost 10 kilos, but more importantly I’m feeling much stronger and healthier. “Chris and the team at TUF are friendly, funny and not intimidating like some of the big gyms. Their classes, such as BodyAttack, are also fun and not boring. They cater to all fitness types and encourage you to give things a go. Onya Chris! Thanks for the guns.”

Caroline Hughes

“T.U.F. Club is like no other fitness club I’ve experienced. Both Chris and Tommy take a vested interest in your health and fitness goals. They possess the knowledge and experience that will ensure you achieve results from their classes and personal training sessions. The classes offered by T.U.F Club will keep you motivated and keep you coming back for more.”


“With the support of my PT Chris and trainer, I’ve lost 5kg and 6.5% body fat in just under 3 months. The many different classes and weekly PT sessions have motivated me and helped me to seek enjoyment in fitness and training. Previously, I’d been training at another gym on and off and wasn’t getting the results I’d hoped for. My three month fitness journey at Underground has not only helped me to lead a healthier lifestyle, but has also enabled me to gain confidence, determination and commitment to better health.”

Lauren Spyrou

“I’ve been taking one-on-one boxing sessions with Tommy for the past couple of months. The sessions are a lot of fun but really hard work. I’ve trained a lot for team sports and individually over the years, and I can honestly say my sessions with Tommy are as challenging as anything I’ve done in the past. “Tommy is passionate about boxing and fitness in general. He has a knack for knowing exactly how hard he can push to get the most out of me, and I leave each session utterly spent. My fitness levels have definitely improved due to my sessions with Tommy and I’d recommend him to anyone interested in doing some serious boxing training. (He’s a great guy as well).”

Bruce Clarke